Tier 3 Weight Management Service Derbyshire

Welcome to the Tier 3 Weight Management Service Derbyshire.

Tier 3 is a specialist weight management service. We work with people who have struggled for a long time to lose weight. We offer a personalised service. Our work is based on research, teamwork, and good communication. 

On this website we have resources and information to help those who are on our waiting list, are currently in our service, or those who might want to know more about us. This website is also here to help family members to understand more about the support we offer. If you are on our waiting list, you may find the “Other support” and “FAQ’s” sections useful.

Professionals in Derbyshire might also use this website to find information to help their patients.   

We hope you find everything you need on this site. Please contact us if you have an idea or feedback on the site.

About the Tier 3 Weight Management Service 

Our Tier 3 Weight Management Service supports people who want to lose weight. We offer free sessions to people who:

  • Have a BMI over 50.
  • Have a BMI of 35-49 with other health problems.

Our main aim is to help people lose weight and keep it off. At the same time, you might also improve your physical health and mental health, get fitter and more active. 

We work with people towards long-term lifestyle change, not diets. The world of weight loss is confusing and complicated. We try to keep it simple and consistent. 

We work with University Hospitals of Derby and Burton, and Live Life Better Derbyshire. We work in both Derby City and Derbyshire County. 

We work as a team to help people have the best chance of losing weight. We all have different training, but have worked together to develop a set of core messages which we use to support you. There are lots of people in our team including:

Our psychologists and psychotherapists are experts in helping people make changes to their behaviour and lifestyle. They can help people understand the underlying issues that make it difficult to lose weight. They can also help people understand what they need to do to lose weight for the long term. 

You will have an appointment with a psychologist or psychotherapist at your assessment. They will support the Weight Management Advisers whilst you are working with them.  

Our specialist dietitians/nutritionists support patients with weight loss through lifestyle and behaviour change. They have lots of knowledge about many conditions that are linked to obesity. They will also support those who are thinking about weight loss surgery. They will help patients that have extra clinical needs for weight loss. 

You may see a doctor during your time with us. Our doctors see people who need a medical assessment. They help to manage some of the health problems linked to being overweight. They will also see some people who are thinking about weight loss surgery, and help decide if this is the right choice.   

You will see our weight management advisers most often during your time with us. You will have regular appointments with them. They will talk about how you have been getting on and help you set small goals each session. The weight management advisers will make sure that the changes you make will last in the long term.  


We are always looking at ways to improve the service we offer. This is so we can make it as useful and helpful to patients as possible.

We would like to make sure our patients’ voices are heard when we want to change or develop our service.  

We would love to have your feedback about your experience with the service.

You can read some of the positive comments we have received or fill in the form below. 

"It's been amazing.  I will miss talking to my adviser. Even when I hadn't lost weight he would tell me to be pleased I hadn't put weight on” 

"It's been excellent. I got out as much as I can, everybody has been very professional. I'd recommend it to anybody. I’d like to thank you and your colleagues for all you did for me".  

“All I’ll say is keep doing what you’re doing. It has opened my eyes. Thank you”.    

“When I came to you, I couldn’t imagine I could get anywhere. You’ve given me something I never thought I’d have. I had tried anything I could and had been referred to tier3 before. I was genuinely not expecting results. The changes in my thinking, the realisations, the freedom that I have choices and control.”