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Airmid is a health app that helps you manage your appointments and communications with Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Foundation Trust. (Services may not enable all the functionality listed below) 

Airmid can be downloaded from either Google Play or the Apple App Store – just search for Airmid.  Many of our services are starting to offer Airmid as a new way of communicating with our patients.

Simple registration

There’s no need to contact your community services to use Airmid. If you already use SystmOnline you can use the same username and password you already have.  New users can follow the NHS login service self-registration process.

Appointment booking and management

Quickly find and book appointments at your community services and healthcare clinics.  View and manage your upcoming appointments and get reminders on your device. 

Video consultations with your health professional

Easily book and attend video consultations using Airmid on your device.


Airmid gives you an easy way to view your current medication and request your repeat prescriptions. You can set up reminders to take medication if needed.

Medical record

View your healthcare history, including documents, test results and vaccinations, in a clear and searchable format.

Personal health data

You can add your own measurements, medication, readings and symptoms into your record, and automatically upload data straight from your health tracking devices.

Link to Apple Health Kit, Google Fit for wearables 

Integrate with your wearable devices to input daily health data directly into your record.

Easier interactions
Through Airmid, your doctor and healthcare provider can:

  • Share tailored health surveys for you to complete
  • Send you alerts to quickly provide you with important reminders or information 
  • Have direct message conversations with you.

Family access

If required, you can allow someone else to request medication, book appointments and view your record on your behalf. You can also be given access to do this for someone else.

Please follow this link for video guidance on using the Airmid app.