Interpretation and translation services

Derbyshire Community Health Services (DCHS) is the largest community care provider in Derbyshire. We're committed to delivering our services to all members of the community in a fair and equal way.

Anyone in contact with DCHS who experiences a communications barrier is entitled to access our interpreting and translation services.

This includes people from all cultural and ethnic backgrounds who may need to communicate in another language (including British Sign Language) or disabled people who may need information in alternative formats such as Braille or audiotape.

DCHS and Language Line (formerly Capita)

DCHS have a contract with Language Line (formerly Capita) to provide us with all our translation and interpreting needs. Language Line acquired Capita in December 2022 and while you should have noticed no difference in your service, there will be some upcoming changes to how you access some services.

As Language Line are our contracted supplier, all translation, face to face interpreting, British Sign Language (BSL) interpreting and telephone interpreting requests should be provided by them.

Visit the Language Line website or talk to the communications team on 01246 515 224 for more details on the service.