What is the Derbyshire Shared Care Record (DSCR)?

Historically, health and social care organisations in Derbyshire held different sets of records about you. The information in different records may be duplicated or incomplete.

The DSCR is a confidential computer record that joins up different records to create a more comprehensive and up-to-date record about you - this will help improve the care you can deliver to patients.

Improved access to health and social care information explained - Derbyshire Shared Care Record

JUCD - Introduction to the Derbyshire Shared Care Record

Benefits of the DSCR include:

  • Less duplication
  • Time saved chasing information
  • Instant access to data from other services across health and social care
  • Allows faster decision making.
  • Avoidance of wasted visits.

Information governance

A data sharing agreement has been completed for all health and social care organisations to enable sharing of data for direct care.

NHS have released a statement to support the sharing of data for direct care which can be reviewed in full here.

Case studies

Hear how the DSCR has helped other colleagues:

"The DSCR allows visibility of a citizen's history across health and social care."

"The DSCR allows us to back up a citizens version of events and gives insight into the collaboration of teams involved with their care past and present."

“Access to the DSCR reduces the need for repeated questioning of the citizen and duplication of effort as previous care entries and history are visible. The citizen can be assured that each service involved in their care have up to date information regarding their healthcare background.”

Frequently asked questions

What is the DSCR?
The DSCR brings together information from Derbyshire NHS and Social Care organisations so that staff caring for a patient can see more information in one place. This is viewable by all health and social care staff in Derbyshire via their local systems.

How do I access the DSCR?
Staff can access the DSCR from their local systems when viewing a patient/citizen's record. A full list of systems can be found below. You should have received a welcome email from the DSCR Admin Team recently which provides further instructions.

Is there any training available on how to use the DSCR?
Visit the DSCR web page on the [insert organisation] intranet to view the available videos and look through the guides.

Do I have to enter information in to the DSCR?
No, currently the system is ‘read only’ to provide you with more information when caring for patients. You will continue to enter patient information in your local system as you do now.

If a patient asks to ‘opt out’ of having a DSCR record, what do I do?
Please direct the patient to the Joined Up Care Derbyshire website where more information is available on the DSCR and how to opt out of having a DSCR record.

Who do I contact with any queries about the DSCR?
There is a central email address - crhft.dscradmin@nhs.net – for any queries. If you can not access, then please contact the DSCR IT Desk instead at crhft.dscrservicedesk@nhs.net or call 01246 512646.

Please refer to this document for details on how to access the DSCR through your local system. For any questions, please contact: crhft.DSCRadmin@nhs.net.