Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Foundation Trust Board

The role of the DCHS Board:

The Trust has a Board of Directors, which comprises both Executive and Non-Executive Directors.

The Board leads the Trust by:

• Ensuring the services that are provided are of a high quality and patient focussed

• Formulating strategy and ensuring accountability by holding the organisation to account for the delivery of the strategy and through seeking assurance that systems of control are robust and reliable

• Shaping a positive and inclusive culture for the Board and the organisation and ensuring that the culture supports learning, improvement and innovation

• Collaborating within the Integrated Care System to provide the best care and services to citizens in Derbyshire

Upcoming DCHS Board meetings

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6 June 2024

Via MS Teams

Equality, diversity and inclusion focus session: to cover where we are on ED&I, next steps and follow-on from the staff network conference on 8 May. All welcome: 12.45pm until 1.45pm.

Public Meeting - 2:00pm until 4:00pm

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1 August 2024

The Postmill Centre, Off Market Street, South Normanton, Alfreton, DE55 2EJ


3 October 2024

Venue to be confirmed


5 December

Postmill Centre, Off Market Street, South Normanton, Alfreton, DE55 2EJ


If you have a question you would like to raise with our Board please contact Melanie Curd in advance (see contact us details).

DCHS Board meetings

Agendas and Papers 2024:

Agendas and Papers 2023:

If you would like to access agendas and or minutes from meetings prior to February 2023 please email

The DCHS Board works to understand and manage risks to ensure the Trust delivers quality services. 

There are four sub-committees, each of which meet at least six times a year and support the Board to manage these risks by:

  • reviewing performance
  • making decisions and agreeing actions
  • approving policies
  • ensuring we have high standards and behaviour

DCHS Board sub-committees

  • Quality Service Committee (QSC) chaired by Kay Fawcett, non-executive director, and supported by Michelle Bateman, Director of Nursing, AHPs and Quality. QSC shapes and influences the quality of our services including patient safety, patient experience and effectiveness of care.
  • Quality People Committee (QPC) chaired by Janet Dawson, non-executive director, and supported by Darren Tidmarsh, Chief People Officer and Deputy Chief Executive. QPC makes sure the Board know that DCHS has the right staff, in the right place, doing the right things.
  • Quality Business Committee (QBC) chaired by Stuart Proud, non-executive director, and supported by Peter Handford, Chief Finance Officer. QBC ensures that DCHS is an effective, efficient and economical organisation.
  • The Audit and Assurance Committee (AAC) helps the Trust maintain a sound system of internal control. It provides assurance to the Board through the oversight, assessment, review and scrutiny of functions, process and systems within the Trust.
  • The Charitable Funds Committee (CFC). The Derbyshire Community Health Services Charitable Trust has responsibility for the administration of the charitable funds of two organisations: Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Foundation Trust and Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.
  • The Mental Health Act Committee (MHAC) chaired by James Reilly, non-executive director, and supported by Ben Neale, Legal Services Officer. MHAC provides assurance to the Board that confirms the experience of all of our patients is fully compliant to the Mental Health Act 1983, the Mental Capacity Act 2005 and the Care Quality Commission’s Essential Standards of Quality and Safety.

The sub-committees also have sub-groups that report to them and are responsible for particular performance and management issues on behalf of the sub-committees. 

Melanie Curd, Associate Director of Corporate Governance/Trust Secretary, leads on supporting the committees, alongside Andrea Graham, Deputy Trust Secretary and Sara Parkin, Corporate Governance Manager.

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Members of the Board are required to complete a declaration and any changes during the year must be notified to the Associate Director of Corporate Governance/Trust Secretary immediately and formally.

This is reviewed annually and, in addition, at the start of each meeting, members are required to declare any interests that may affect the papers being considered.

DCHS Trust Board Register of Interests.


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