9th December 2022

#CelebratingCommunityServices week

Tell us about your win for the year?
We so often read about the challenges in the NHS and where we need to do better, but rarely do we take a step back and reflect on all the amazing things we’ve achieved in the past year. So with 2022 drawing to a close we’re keen to get as many colleagues as possible to tell us, in one sentence, what’s your ‘win for the year’? We want to make this as upbeat as possible, as an antidote to winter pressures and the cost of living crisis, and to really focus attention on the positives and all we’ve individually and collectively achieved.

This week, the NHS Confederation and NHS Providers are joining forces to run a week-long celebration of community services across their social media channels, so we’re really keen to bang the DCHS drum loud and proud and share all of our ‘wins’ amongst other things. All you need to do is send a quick email with “my win for the year is…” and we’ll include it across our social media channels this week. Or simply post the win yourself and tag us – whatever’s easier. We’d prefer to include a photo too, so let us know if that’s okay. The hashtag being used is: #CelebratingCommunityServices, so make sure you check that out and let’s give everyone a collective festive boost!

You can see all the ‘wins of the year’ we’ve had so far – give them a read for a positive boost.

Jim Austin.jpgJim Austin

My win for the year is…in Derbyshire, DCHS clinical colleagues are making more use of the Derbyshire Shared Care Record than any other provider – providing quicker, safer and more efficient care by seeing relevant and up-to-date patient information from all health partners to help inform their practice with individual citizens.


Debbie Creaser.jpgDebbie Creaser

Debbie Creaser, staff health and wellbeing lead: My win of the year is ‘working with colleagues to deliver a celebration event, thanking staff and their loved ones for their continued hard work and dedication each and every day’.



Dr Ben Pearson.jpgDr Ben Pearson

My win for the year is raising the profile of our brilliant education, training and research and our pharmacy teams to the extent the Board approved investment in their development and recruitment!



Dean Wallace -  Chief Operating Officer.jpgDean Wallace

“Landing the COO and starting work for DCHS and getting to meet and work with such great people, can’t say the process I had to go through to get the role was a highlight, but worth it now I’m here.”



Sarah Hudson.jpgSarah Hudson

MY WIN FOR THE YEAR IS ‘ To have successfully launched the new Enhanced Clinical Practitioner and Capability programme’. You can view it here.



Dr Alan Blair.jpgDr Alan Blair

“Continuing to put showing care not just for our patients but also for our colleagues at the heart of what we do”.



Lisa Snowden.jpgLisa Snowden

“My win for the year is welcoming new members into the Infection Prevention & Control Team which provides us with the exciting opportunity to really focus on developing new initiatives to support our colleagues across the whole of DCHS”.



Kate Needham.jpgKate Needham

My win for the year, with the support of the wonderful pharmacy and research team, to enable DCHS to take part in its first clinical trial involving Investigational Medicinal Products – hopefully the start of many more to follow!



Kate Welsh.jpgKate Welsh

My win for the year is continuing to provide gold standard, evidenced based care for the patients of Derbyshire, bridging the gap on inequality #TeamDCHS.



Ruth Mitchell.jpgRuth Mitchell

Continuing to promote the Trust wide Sharps Safety Campaign to reduce needlestick and sharps related injuries and to keep our staff safe across DCHS.



Janine McKnight.jpgJanine McKnight

I became an author by accident!

Something that started in practice led to me writing a book. It took me all the way to Queensland, Australia to publish it. What a win, that has been, personally, professionally and for the community of women it was written for.


Chesterfield Core Therapy Team.pngLisa Mercer – Integrated Care Manager, Chesterfield

Our amazing therapists in Chesterfield have managed to reduce the waiting list from 430 to 260 patients with all their hard work.

We have 6 shiny new Queens Nurses in Chesterfield.

We have maintained Gold QA standard in Chesterfield central and east.​​​​​​​

Kelly Melbourne, Information analyst

Our win of the year is the improvement of understanding of both sides - first our own increase of knowledge & secondly to enable us to deliver that knowledge to others.

Joe Leather, Digital Marketer Apprentice

My win for the year is “passing my two exams on marketing principles and principles of coding.” - Now I just have coursework left to complete then I will have finished my course!

Chris Hampson, Operational Transformation Lead

Proudest I’ve ever been to work for DCHS was when our Community OTs, Physios and Nurses supported my family to look after our mum at home at the end of her life back in March – despite all the pressures I knew they were under they never let us see that, so mum and dad felt they really mattered.

Tracey Brailsford

My win for the year is looking at the LGBT+ staff network annual plan and seeing how much we have achieved; I am especially proud of the Trans equality policy and seeing lots of new people join the network.​​​​​​​

Sally-Ann Coope

Our win for the year is……being a part of enabling all our clinical teams and services to be able to demonstrate their commitment to improving and sustaining high quality care for patients and services users in Derbyshire despite all the ongoing challenges in the NHS. The number of Quality Always Gold Accredited teams in DCHS has increased again in 2022 and all the teams already Gold have sustained that rating. We have also built a network of over 1100 Quality and Safe Care Champions too. A real testament to the professionalism, dedication, innovation and compassionate care of our clinical staff and their Leaders.

Louise Pickering

Received a Gold rating for professional excellence in IT services​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ - Derbyshire NHS Trust earns gold rating for its commitment to professional excellence across its IT services​​​​​​​.

Jane Saunby.jpgJane Saunby

My win of the year is how fabulous Chesterfield Central and East community teams work so closely together as a whole, always helping each other out, always there for one another to offer support and guidance and also retaining their QA Gold accreditations.​​​​​​​


Fiona Buswell-Marsh

The Care at Home Frailty Team have successfully vaccinated all residents in care homes in Erewash with flu and covid this autumn to ensure the most vulnerable of our population are afforded the most protection as possible. It hasn’t been without its challenges with care homes being closed at times for covid outbreaks and a huge increase in short term admissions to care homes to support capacity in the acute trusts, but they have worked through this.

The Core Therapy team in Erewash has reduced the waiting list for patients waiting for community therapy down to an average wait of 3 weeks. This has been due to the Team Lead Gemma Kitchinson not only working clinically, but dedicating time to work closely with the Band 6s as well as the rest of the team to ensure that capacity is maximised across all bands of staff.​​​​​​​

Clinical Navigation team.jpgGillian Burrows

On behalf of DCHS clinical navigation team and EMAS…

"My win for the year is.......ready steady go discharge, ho ho ho home!"



Christine Duffy.jpgChristine Duffy

As Chair of the Armed Forces and Veterans Network, my win for the year has been seeing the increased awareness of the Armed Forces Community and promoting DCHS as a Veteran Aware and Armed Forces Friendly employer, and putting DCHS right at the centre of collaborative working to improve Veterans' Health and Social Care across Derbyshire.  ​​​​​​​

Tracey Elder BSc (Hons) MRes - Occupational Therapist /Research Champion

My wins for the year are presenting 2 posters at the Royal College of Occupational Therapists, collaborating with the University of Nottingham research programme to deliver a vocational Rehabilitation programme to people with Multiple Sclerosis, and our flash of brilliance poster! I have had the best year so far with DCHS!

Lucy Bastock, Temporary Staffing Manager

Winning the Workforce Innovation category at the Allocate awards for the work completed through covid, supporting, and developing Temporary Staffing team colleagues into new roles and ways of working, and getting the role specific training position matching work completed for bank workers in ESR (a complex job that involved a number of colleagues but feel my contribution was a critical part in the process.)

Louise Barling, Integrated Community Team Lead in Chesterfield East Locality

“My win for the year is integrating into a new role as Team Lead, feeling like I have was involved in building effective and positive working relationships and culture and helping to engage staff in a supportive way. For example, I feel privileged to have been able to share my experience and provide training on Policy and Response to Violence and Aggression incidents improving staff and patient safety and staff wellbeing”

My win for the year is being able to support staff in professional development, training and self-confidence by being approachable and supportive and developing positive and open communication. I am proud to be part of such an amazing team. For example, I have been warmed by recent feedback from a Key Line of Enquiry Visit (KLOE) within the locality which showed the compassion and commitment to care and really lovely feedback from patients about the nursing team”

“My win for the year is being part of an amazing team who support each other, always look to improve, respond positively to feedback and really care for each other”

“My win for the year has been to grow in skill and confidence as a Team Leader with the help and support of the management team within NED and Chesterfield ICS. I feel proud to be part of such a supportive and caring team and that they show belief in me everyday”​​​​​​​

Francesca CAsolo.jpg

Francesca Casolo, Ward Manager at Alton ward - Clay Cross Hospital

Alton ward’s win for the year is…successfully applying for and receiving 8 new TVs for the patients on Alton ward as pictured with our ward clerk Gaynor and housekeeper Michelle.​​​​​​​



Jayne Needham

As a result of DCHS colleagues in Children’s services, long covid services and staff wellbeing services believing in the power of our joint work with Citizens Advice 1173 people have been supported to resolve 6940 problems and £1.5 million pounds of money has gone directly into the pockets of people who needed it the most.​​​​​​​

Clare Turner ICTL- RR Therapy Amber Valley and Erewash.

My win for the year is… despite all the difficulties we have faced this year my team keep the patient at the heart of everything they do and pull in the same direction, wanting to improve the service we offer. They gained QA green this year and mostly do it with a smile on their face. I am very proud of my team.​​​​​​​

Lisa Grayson, ICTL High Peak

The Integrated Community team Christmas Party was a huge hit, the best way to celebrate a successful year with lots of dancing, laughter, and fun!​​​​​​​

Buxton Carnival.pngDan Stevenson, ICTL High Peak

High Peak Integrated Community Team participating in Buxton Carnival, promoting local services, the NHS, and Falls Awareness.​​​​​​​


Pat Friend, ICTL Swadlincote

My win of the year is: Quietly and efficiently maintaining a high-quality integrated community service to our local population with little fuss, almost no complaints and constant thanks. The team always strive to improve despite enormous pressures.

Thank you to Swadlincote Integrated Community Team​​​​​​​

Sarah Harley, ICTL Derby City Rapid Response

My win for the year is supporting the Rapid Response Nursing Team in Derby City to see their see their potential, which has allowed the team to grow and develop, which I am very proud of! ​​​​​​​

Picture13.jpgSexual Health Promotion team

“The sexual health promotion team’s win for the year is…getting back out into our communities, and with the new van!”​​​​​​​



Lisa Thorogood

My win for the year is…”

The way our amazing team have supported each other through this tough year, and how close we have all come together!”​​​​​​​

thumbnail_Joanne Wain ID photo DSC02380.jpgJoanne Wain

My win for the year is joining DCHS! I began in my new post with the Trust in October and have been made to feel so very welcome by everyone.  Without exception colleagues have been kind, caring, compassionate, giving freely of their time, knowledge and experience and are a credit to the organisation. I feel so very lucky to be here.​​​​​​​

As we look back at 2022, it gives us an opportunity to celebrate some of the amazing projects and successes which we’ve collectively notched-up as #TeamDCHS during the past 12 months. We’ve rounded up some of those here, to showcase what a fabulously proactive and innovative bunch of people we are proud to call #TeamDCHS.

Case Studies

A major piece of work has been undertaken into reducing the risk of harm to our colleagues from accidental sharps or needlestick injuries. You can read more about it here, on this poster presentation.

Reduction of Sharps Injuries - Ruth Mitchell (Quality Improvement Lead for Clinical and Professional Standards

A new pilot project has proved highly successful in the care of homeless patients, or those with chaotic lifestyles, who suffer from wounds which are hard to heal. You can read more on this poster presentation about how a partnership approach has made it easier for patients to engage with the wound care service and receive the care they need.

Innovations in Practice - Wound Clinic

In July 2022 our Trust became one of the first NHS organisations nationally to be recognised officially for embracing and recognising the professional development of its own staff and their role in delivering its trailblazing use of digital data and the good use of IT in healthcare. Read more below.

Derbyshire NHS Trust earns gold rating for its commitment to professional excellence across its IT services