Team Wellbeing 

Taking a break

We often forget the importance of taking a break during our working day. Before we know it the day has run away with us and we haven’t stopped to reset and refuel. Breaks are necessary for lots of reasons; we might need a break to eat,  rest our eyes, visit the toilet or have a drink – all vital needs we mustn’t neglect! We’ve put together 7 key benefits of taking a break on the attached poster and encourage you to share with colleagues.

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In NHS services we can at times encounter events or circumstances, involving patients, staff or visitors which may lead to psychological harm. We have put together this helpful guidance for leaders and managers to help support teams if these events occur.

Our staff look after people each and every day and we need to take the time to ensure we look out for them.

The ‘Going Home Checklist’ can be used to encourage reflection and mindfulness at the end of a working day.

Take a look at the checklist here

My team have experienced something difficult.....
We know that sometimes teams may need a helping hand to navigate the challenges they face. Resolve provide support for teams following difficult situations. Complete a referral form here for your team and return to

I would like a wellbeing check in for my team....
Your Staff Wellbeing Team are able to facilitate a Wellbeing Check in for your team. Email us at to arrange.

I would like some ideas to use to prompt wellbeing check in conversations with my team....

Try using a visual check in at the start of your team meeting - why not start with one of the ones below?

Dog Check In

Sheep Check In

Christmas Tree Check In 


You could ask a question instead of using a visual scale- why not try one of the questions below?

How are you today on a scale of 1 to 10?

What’s in the front of your mind today?

Tell us a high and a low from your week.

What is a challenge you are facing right now, and how can folks help? 


I would like to create a wellbeing plan with my colleague....

It is a great idea to create a wellbeing plan. This one here is really helpful to use as a plan or simply as a prompt when discussing wellbeing. You can consider what helps you to feel at your best and what things you can start, stop and continue to do in order to support and sustain your wellbeing.

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Whilst it is exciting joining a new organisation, it can also be a tricky time to adjust with lots of new information to take in. We want to ensure that all of our new starters have the opportunity to find out what wellbeing support is available to them and an opportunity to reflect on their wellbeing as they settle in. So, we have set up a virtual monthly drop in session for new starters to pop along to - we recommend dropping in as often as you like as you settle in - sometimes questions and needs only become apparent as time goes on and you learn about your role and the organisation.

We look forward to welcoming you. 

Your Wellbeing Team

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Sometimes thank you just isn’t enough and people deserve some extra recognition.  If you think a colleague has done something that is noteworthy why not nominate them to receive some DCHS TTT – thank you, time and tea! or Say thank you with a card.

Wellbeing Champions

What is a Staff Wellbeing Champion?

Staff Wellbeing Champions are members of staff who are passionate about helping and supporting others in the workplace. At DCHS, we have a team of dedicated Champions who are committed to promoting health & wellbeing to their colleagues and other members of staff at various locations across the county.

Our Champions are able to: 

  • Create a workplace wellbeing culture
  • Encourage colleagues to take part in health initiatives
  • Run awareness campaigns
  • Develop existing skills and learn new ones
  • Access further training opportunities

For DCHS it means that where there is a Staff Wellbeing Champion there is a dedicated member of staff who will be promoting the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and able to signpost colleagues into healthy lifestyle services.

I would like to become a Staff Wellbeing Champion - what do I do?

If you are interested in becoming a Staff Wellbeing Champion, please take a look at the role descriptor here and complete the Expression of Interest form