Freedom to Speak Up the DCHS Way

We've developed a series of animations based on issues colleagues have raised a concern about in DCHS. We hope they help you make your decision about whether you should raise a concern.

Anika didn't go in to work today because she was really upset about something that happened the day before. She feels her manager is not treating her fairly. What should she do? 

What should Aysha do when she believes colleagues don’t respect her beliefs and culture?

Jack was in the canteen and heard two colleagues talking about a 'grumpy old patient' they'd been to visit. This upset Jack as he thought this could've been one of his relatives. What should he do?

When John joined the Trust he was totally open about his sexuality with his manager and colleagues. Over the past few months he's realised he hasn't been invited to several social events with colleagues. He's overheard his colleagues making homophobic comments. John loves his job and doesn't want to leave, what should he do?