About us

Our wound clinic service was established in 2019 to provide a 7-day per week wound care service for the people of Derbyshire. 

We offer specialist care for hard-to-heal wounds through a network of clinics staffed by nurses and healthcare professionals who have been trained using our award winning 'Time to Heal’ programme.

Our clinics are dedicated to providing wound care which is accessible to all, and delivered in a caring and compassionate manner.

We provide assessment, diagnosis and treatment for a variety of chronic, complex and hard-to-heal wound types located anywhere on the body including:

  • Venous and arterial leg ulceration
  • Surgical wounds
  • Traumatic wounds
  • Pressure ulcers
  • Wounds associated with chronic health conditions
  • Wound associated with burns, moisture, and dermatological conditions

Patients can attend our wound clinics for dressing changes for all types of wounds.  We also offer the following services to help wound healing and prevent wound reoccurrence:

  • Lower limb circulation assessment using non-invasive tests.
  • Compression bandage treatment.
  • Chronic oedema management.
  • Assessment and provision of compression hosiery post healing.
  • Self-management support and advice.
  • Resources to aid pressure relief for areas at high risk of breakdown.
  • Resources to aid self-management.

The DCHS wound clinic service works closely with the DCHS tissue viability service running several joint clinics across the county each week.​​​​​

We currently operate from twenty clinical sites across Derbyshire including:

  • New Mills Health Centre, New Mills
  • Cavendish Hospital, Buxton
  • Newholme Hospital, Stanton Day Unit, Bakewell
  • St Oswald’s Hospital, Ashbourne
  • Walton Hospital, Chesterfield
  • Welbeck Road Health Centre, Bolsover
  • Eckington Health Centre, Eckington
  • Stubley Medical Centre, Dronfield
  • Langwith Medical Centre, Langwith
  • Claycross Hospital, Hospital
  • Alfreton Health Centre, Alfreton
  • Babington Hospital, Babington
  • Heanor Memorial Health Centre, Heanor
  • Ilkeston Community Hospital, Ilkeston
  • Long Eaton Health Centre, Long Eaton
  • Coleman Health Centre, Derby City
  • Revive Health Living Centre, Derby City
  • Florence Nightingale Community Hospital, Derby City
  • Swadlincote Health Centre, Swadlincote
  • Repton Health Centre, Repton

Whilst we will endeavour to treat you locally, to ensure timely assessment and treatment patients will be offered appointments at the clinic closest to them with available appointments.

We accept referrals from GPs, acute trusts, and NHS healthcare professionals within Derbyshire for wounds that are not-expected to heal in four to six weeks or are complex in nature.

For those patients who have been discharged in compression hosiery following a leg ulcer who require a six or 12-month doppler and compression hosiery review, please phone the above number for an appointment.