The Derbyshire Dementia Palliative Care Team have worked with regional NHS E to develop their original pilot service further to create a ‘Gold Standard Model’ and toolkit that demonstrates improved palliative and end-of-life care for people living and dying with dementia. 

The creation of this 'toolkit' forms part of the Midlands NHS England and NHS Improvement regional quality improvement project and aims to:

  • Create a dementia palliative care model (based upon the Derbyshire Dementia Palliative Care Team), which would be suitable for adaptation to location and would then be shared across Systems in the Midlands, potentially rebalancing inequities in service and care provision at scale and pace. The pathway will be rooted in best evidence and proven to make cost savings whilst improving quality for both carer and service user
  • To develop a suite of tools that will facilitate an Integrated Care System to recreate their own bespoke Dementia Palliative care provision.