Community Diabetes Specialist Nurses

The Diabetes Specialist Nurse Team is a small team of nurses based at Walton Hospital, Chesterfield. We support support patients with Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes, with complex needs, to achieve optimum glycaemic control, through short term specialist intervention. We aim to help improve diabetes management, quality of life and to reduce short and long term complications.

We can also provide advice, support and education to healthcare professionals who care for people with diabetes.

Information for individuals

Who can refer me to the service?

  • GP
  • Practice Nurse
  • Community Matron
  • Local Hospital
  • Other healthcare professionals
  • You can also refer yourself

How am I referred to the service?

Your healthcare professional will complete a referral form with your consent. This tells us your contact details and treatment, as well as how you may benefit from our service.

You can also refer yourself by telephone – see contact number below.  We will contact your GP if an appointment is needed.

How quickly can I expect to be seen?

This depends on the urgency of your needs. If your needs are assessed as urgent we will aim to contact you by telephone within 1-2 working days and see you within 1 week if necessary.  Routine appointments are within 6 weeks.

What sort of issues can I be seen with?
  • Many issues surrounding blood sugar (glucose) control
  • High blood sugars (“hypers”)
  • Low blood sugars (“hypos”)
  • Starting and understanding new treatments
  • Insulin management
  • Holiday advice
  • Sports and activity planning
  • Planning for an operation
  • After hospital admission
  • Diet and weight management
  • Managing illness
  • Updates on new research and technologies

Where can I be seen?

Appointments may be undertaken by telephone, video or face to face as necessary.

What will happen next?

We will develop a plan of care with you to enable you to continue managing your diabetes. We will communicate treatment changes and an action plan to your GP/healthcare professional with your consent. Your care will be transferred back to the GP when appropriate.

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