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Please note that this information and service is for adult patients only. For children's continence services, please visit the childrens' continence service page. 

Many people suffer with bladder and bowel problems and do not realise that help and advice is available.  The continence advisory service offers a comprehensive assessment and treatment service by a continence specialist nurse for people with a Derbyshire GP.  

Pad & product queries  

Pad / Product Queries: 01773 546869 
E: - Dchst.continencehomedelivery@nhs.net
To activate a delivery : 0800 030 4466 – option 1 & option 1 again

What are our core service delivery hours?

Telephone lines and email accounts are monitored and answered between 08:00 and 15:00 Monday to Friday.

Clinic appointments and home visits are available between 09:00 and 16:30 Monday to Friday

Which area do we cover?

We offer clinics throughout the county and patients can be seen at a clinic of their choice, alternatively if they are house bound then we will arrange to visit at home.

Access to the service is via open referral.

People can:


You need a referral to the service and a full assessment first. Products are then prescribed on an individual basis and in respect of clinical need.

All appointments are on a 1 to 1 basis whether in clinic or at home.

Please call or e-mail the service, all queries are answered on an individual basis and will be passed to a Continence Nurse Specialist to respond to

Via the following link: www.derbyshiremedicinesmanagement.nhs.uk

Document Name Document Type File
Continence Appliance Prescribing Guideline - Community Clinical Guideline Link
Continence Appliance Prescribing Guideline - Hospital Clinical Guideline Link
Continence Prescribing – Top Tips for Community Nursing Teams & Prescription Clerks Clinician Guide Link
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Pelvic Organ Prolapse RV3 (IUGA)

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Vaginal Pessary for Pelvic Organ Prolapse RV2 (IUGA)

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Pelvic Floor Exercises for Women RV2-1 (IUGA)

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POGP Pelvic Floor Exercises Patient information Booklet Link
Overactive Bladder RV2 (IUGA)

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Constipation RV1 (IUGA)

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Faecal Incontinence RV2 (IUGA) Patient Information Leaflet Link
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Post Micturition Dribble                            L270 Patient Information Leaflet Link

Pelvic floor exercises for men to improve bladder control LB101

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POGP Pelvic Floor Exercises For Men Patient Information Leaflet Link
Hydration Leaflet Patient Information Leaflet Link

For additional information, please visit here : Learning disabilities: Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust or contact dhcft.strategic-health-facilitation-team@nhs.net.

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Poo Matters - Information for families and carers

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Catheter Passport V7

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Useful Websites




ACA Association for Continence Advice      


Disabled Living (Formerly Promocon)               


Spinal Injuries Association (SIA)  


Multiple Sclerosis Society


International Continence Society


Name Job title
Rachel Robinson Service Lead / Manager
Helen Greaves Lead Clinical Continence Nurse Specialist
Michelle Phillips Service Co-ordinator
Diane Prior Administration Assistant
Claire Smith Administration Assistant
Samantha Wright Administration Assistant
Belinda Hamblin Continence Specialist Nurse
Cathie Lynam Continence Specialist Nurse
Carole Barsby Continence Specialist Nurse
Caroline Hobson Continence Specialist Nurse
Kate Colls Continence Specialist Nurse
Nicola Rea Continence Specialist Nurse
Tina Ballo Continence Specialist Nurse
Yvonne Mantell Continence Specialist Nurse
Sara Mackie Continence Specialist Nurse
Laura Kirkham Continence Specialist Nurse
Rebecca Painter Continence Specialist Nurse
Marianne Cumberpatch Continence Nurse Specialist
Rachelle Cook Continence Nurse Specialist
Catherine Goodinson Continence Nurse Specialist
Damian Poniatowski-Napthine Continence Nurse Specialist
Denise Brown Clinical Nurse Specialist
Andrea Jackson Health Care Assistant
Jennie Burt Products Co-ordinator
Jane Berrisford Health Care Assistant
Nicola Coote Health Care Assistant
Annette Taylor Products Co-ordinator
Steven Herring Products Administration Assistant
Lisa Jones Products Administration Assistant