13th October 2022

Neuro-therapy Hand Equipment

Thank you to Swanwick Men’s Shed charity and Rotary Amber Valley for donating six sets of hand equipment to our Neuro Therapy services throughout Derbyshire Community Health Services. The equipment is to help with the recovery and rehabilitation of hand function which has been affected due to neurological conditions.

Rachael Samuel, neurological occupational therapist, said:

“I approached the Swanwick Men's Shed charity to see if they could make us some equipment for hand therapy for patients, and they very kindly accepted the challenge. They approached Rotary Amber Valley and secured funding for material, and have made six sets of hand equipment. They were able to adjust designs to make them bespoke to our service needs.

“We have started using the equipment in the Neuro Outpatient Therapy OT department in Ripley and it works really well - patients have enjoyed using it!”

The sets are going to be divided up between Neuro Therapy Services within Derbyshire Community Health Services and will be a great asset to the services and to patient treatment sessions.