12th April 2023

National testing of the UK's new Emergency Alerts system on Sunday 23 April 2023

On Sunday 23 April at 3pm nearly all mobile phones in the UK will sound an alert for a few seconds – even those on silent mode. This is nothing to worry about.

This is the time and date chosen for a test of the Government’s new early warning system which has been put into place to provide an alert in situations where lives could be at risk. In future it will be used to help save lives in situations such as floods and other extreme events which may be unfolding in particular geographical areas of the country.

Please take note of the time and date of the test – Sunday 23 April at 3pm/1500 hours – particularly if you are at an event or in a location where phones are only permitted on silent.

Devices will make a distinct, siren-like sound for up to 10 seconds, including on phones switched to silent mode. Phones will also vibrate and display a message about the test. You can hear an example of what the test will look and sound like in this example video below.