8th March 2023

Celebrating International Mother Language Day

Congratulations to DCHS medicine management pharmacy technician Mokarrom Hossain who was recently invited to speak at a House of Commons reception to celebrate International Mother Language Day.

International Mother Language Day is celebrated each year on 21 February to promote linguistic and cultural diversity, as well as multilingualism.

Bangladeshi High Commissioner Saida Muna Tasneem attended the event, as well as British Bangladeshi from various professions, MPs and other dignitaries.

Mokarrom received the invitation from host MP Geraint Davies to talk about 'pride of mother-tongue'. He put forward two proposals to promote the use of Bengali and other mother-tongue languages, which he hopes will improve the future for British Bangladeshi and other ethnicity children, as well as boost the British economy. 

Photo of Mok in house of commons

“I was very honoured that I was given the opportunity to speak,” said Mokarrom.  “I highlighted two proposals to promote mother-tongue. Firstly, how to promote mother-tongue to our children who are born and brought up here in the UK. Secondly, after learning mother-tongue they can help to work as a translator or interpreter and to promote new opportunities, and business in the UK.

“The high commission of Bangladesh can provide free Bengali books, and Bengali CDs from London, Manchester and Birmingham branches to the British born Bangladeshi children to encourage them to learn and be able to understand and speak Bengali languages.

“In the UK we have a shortage of Bengali language translators and interpreters especially in the north and south and south-west parts of England. After learning Bengali languages, they will be able to support as a translator and interpreter to the NHS and different organisations and businesses. They will be able to create more opportunities and support new businesses with other countries to help develop our UK economy.

“My proposal is not only to promote the Bengali language, but also to promote any other mother-tongue languages. As the UK is a multicultural country, mother-tongue will help to promote multicultural society and help to create more opportunities and new business to support our UK economy.”