7th March 2024

A big day for Ilkeston’s diagnostics development

Ilkeston Community Hospital has taken delivery of an 18 ton magnet for the eagerly anticipated MRI scanner installation. It is the latest step in the development of a community diagnostic centre on site, which is being developed in partnership by Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Foundation Trust and University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust.

Here’s a snapshot look at how the monster magnet arrived, was carefully unloaded and manoeuvred into place, plus some sneak preview images of how work on the diagnostic facilities is coming along. It’s unrecognisable as an area which was part dining room and part health records and medical secretaries’ accommodation in previous times. We’ll be back soon to see further progress on this exciting new development which will massively boost diagnostic facilities for people living in the Ilkeston area.

  1. Unpacking the 18 ton magnet from its packing case on the lorry.
  2. How do you get into this box? With care, certainly. No keys or phones near the magnet please.
  3. Crane in place for the delicate manoeuvre to place the magnet on hard standing, formerly the conservatory.
  4. Ready for lift off.
  5. Magnet mid-air over the kitchen roof.
  6. Landing the magnet on solid ground.
  7. Moving in – the magnet is rolled carefully the final few metres into its new home.
  8. Sneak preview of the wonderful sky ceiling for the MRI scanner room.
  9. The artwork all around the walls of the MRI scanner room is spectacular.
  10. More beautiful wall art in the MRI scanner room.
  11. Fitting out the rooms for what will be part of the community diagnostic centre (CDC).
  12. Inside the CDC corridor.