Social Wellbeing

Welcome to our engagement and wellbeing project 'Coffee Circle'.

The aim of the project is to encourage new friendships, networking within different DCHS services and just a reminder to take a break.

The idea is colleagues will be matched at random to meet for either a virtual or face to face coffee within the month. You will then go back in the coffee circle to be matched and meet another colleague the next month.

To take part in the 'Coffee Circle' , please complete the form below.

Join one of our peer support groups for parenting, financial wellness or women’s health.

Find out more about our peer support groups here


Most of us will have experienced times when we feel a little isolated or disconnected from the world around us. Loneliness can affect anyone and the recent pandemic has increased a lot of people's feelings of being alone.

Sometimes certain life events may mean that you can feel lonely or isolated, these may include:

There are lots of groups and projects across Derbyshire that are helping to tackle loneliness and improve social connections.

Why not find out more here about what is happening in your local area to help tackle loneliness.


Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS FT is committed to positively shaping it's culture and behaviours to be fair, diverse and inclusive. A key way of achieving this is through our staff network groups, who offer support and guidance for staff, a chance to network with like-minded colleagues and increase equality issues through allyship.  The executive team also provides directives and look to the groups to support the aims of the Trust, as well as the groups feeding into the executive team where support may be needed to facilitate change.

For me information on our Staff Network Groups please click here 

DCHS believe in an open and honest culture and is committed to creating and supporting a culture where members of staff are encouraged and empowered to raise concerns without fear of recrimination or victimisation in any way.

The FTSU guardian has a key role in helping to raise the profile of raising concerns in DCHS and provide confidential advice and support to staff in relation to concerns you may have about including about patient safety and/or the way their concern has been handled.

At DCHS, our FTSU Guardian is Jackie Rawlings.

Jackie is supported by 24 ambassadors, who play an important role in supporting her,  positively promoting key messages about speaking up and acting as champions for the FTSU agenda.

How do I raise a concern? Take a look at the supporting information page here


Environmental Wellbeing

Getting out and about is really important, not just for physical wellbeing but for our emotional and mental health too.

Whether it's dusting off the bike, the daily commute or joining a walking group, there's lots of opportunities to get moving as well as practice the five ways to wellbeing. 

Find out how you can make your travel time count towards your health and wellbeing with our short video here. 

You can also find out more about Active Travel and how to make healthier, more sustainable travel choices here. 

Sustainability is about using our resources sensibly and striking the right balance between ‘Economic’, ‘Social’ and ‘Environmental’ considerations. 

Take a look here to learn more about available options within DCHS to help us become more sustainable, with information on:

  • Lease car schemes
  • Cycle schemes
  • Ideas to be more sustainable at work
  • Ideas to be more sustainable at home