Apprenticeships at DCHS

Our wider workforce team is responsible for our apprenticeship offer.

The team support our internal workforce to gain recognised qualifications through apprenticeships to enable individuals to develop and grow their Knowledge Skills and Behaviours (KSB’s) in their current roles. The team supports managers to recruit external applicants on an apprenticeship.

Apprenticeships may also be undertaken in preparation to move into other roles within the NHS for example Trainee Nursing Associate Apprenticeship to qualify as a Registered Nursing Associate. We also support a varied range of apprenticeships within our non clinical roles/teams.

We would like to introduce you to:


Earn, learn and make a difference with an NHS apprenticeship. Our apprenticeships offer routes into many of the more than 350 NHS careers through a mix of on-the-job training and classroom learning.

Find out more at: NHS apprenticeships | NHS Health Careers

That is brilliant news and DCHS want you to do an Apprenticeship qualification! This is the very start of an amazing journey.

There are over 750 x different types of apprenticeships and there are over 350 different roles within the NHS. This can be a little over whelming!

If the apprenticeship you are interested in doesn’t appear in this list please follow this link and search the Institute for Apprenticeships website

Apprenticeship search / Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education 

We currently offer a variety of qualifications under a different range of apprenticeships. Click on the relevant section to view:

We have created Handouts for some of our more popular Apprenticeship Programmes. Below are links apprenticeship pathways with detail on programme delivery and other relevant information.

We are pleased to support you on this journey. Firstly, you will need to know which apprenticeship course you wish to study. Secondly, please gain your manager and budget holder (General Manager) support prior to submitting your expression of interest, as we are unable to process your request unless you have gained their consent.

Complete the form via this link: Apprenticeship Expression of interest

You can attend one of the monthly information sessions – to have a general chat about what options are available to you (see calendar). Of if you prefer a 1:1 conversation – please go to the ms form, link below to register for an appointment:

Information and Guidance Record form

  • Please get in touch with the Wider Workforce Team, we will be happy to set up a meeting with you to answer your questions.
  • You can attend one of the monthly information sessions for managers – to find out a bit more and how these can benefit your team and what the impact will be on you/your team (see calendar)

Apprenticeship First

Yes! All teams are encouraged to take the Apprenticeship First approach Apprenticeships for every role and vacancy. This allows you to support career pathways for people in your teams and will help to attract, develop, and retain your workforce. For example, you can replace a HCSW with a trainee at level 2 and develop them to a band 3, 4 and 5 roles as part of their career journey.

Taking the above approach will mean initial cost savings in your team while you develop and transform your workforce.

Contact the Wider Workforce Team for more information about Apprenticeship 1st

More information can be found on the government website: Apprenticeships


If you take the above approach, you will have funding in your budget to pay the salary if you are recruiting an apprenticeship to support your future workforce pipeline, by employing apprenticeships you will be investing to save.

No there is no funding for salary backfill however we will pay for all tuition costs.

First of all, don’t worry – this is something we can help you with. You will have to take Level 2 Functional Skills in the required subject.

Contact us via the following email accounts:


To keep in regular with us, join us on Twitter @WiderWorkNHS.

If your query is urgent, you can call us on:

  • Tracey Nock Wider Workforce Manager: 07787 260016  
  • Angela Gilbert Wider Workforce Coordinator: 07880 266055    
  • Jane Goodall Practice Learning Facilitator (Wider Workforce): 07769 925560
  • Lisa Lenton Practice Learning Facilitator (Wider Workforce): 07880 411573